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Before registering or considering this site, just a warning. This site is created for people aged 16 and older, or those younger with a knack for writing. It follows the rules and codes that the "Warriors" series clearly states and the goal of site is to recreate as close of a replica to the books as possible.

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Map of the Clans

Simply click the link below to access the map of the clans!



Outlines in Yellow- ThunderClan 

Outlines in Red- ShadowClan 

Outlined in Blue- RiverClan 

Outlines in Purple- WindClan

1- ThunderClan Camp

2- ShadowClan Camp

3- WindClan Camp

4- RiverClan Camp

5- Starcave

6- Gathering Place

7- Twoleg Places

8- Loner & Rogue Territories

Map done by Ever.

Big thank you to these two sources for the information they provided! Without them the site would not nearly be as accurate, or as detailed as it is!




Leader: Tawnystar

Deputy: Oakheart

Med Cat: Snowspirit

Med Cat Apprentice: None


Leader: Fogstar

Deputy: Emeraldheart

Med Cat: Redfoot 

Med Cat Apprentice: None


Leader: Egretstar

Deputy: Fallenhope

Med Cat: Applebreeze

Med Cat Apprentice: None


Leader: Emberstar

Deputy: Fawnflower

Med Cat: Avocetpath 

Med Cat Apprentice: None

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